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A Message from the IUVA President

Fall 2017

After a successful World Congress held in Croatia in September that hosted attendees from 24 countries, I am honored to hand over the presidency of the IUVA to Mr. Oliver Lawal. Thank you to Dr. Regina Sommer and all of the other program committee members for leading this effort. Also, the event would not have been possible without our support team: Gary Cohen, James Kerich and Mickey Fortune.

While many of you know Oliver, a few may not. Oliver is the chief executive officer and president at AquiSense Technologies LLC, and as the founder of the organization, he is able to execute his passion for chemical-free water treatment using UV-C LEDs. He previously served as president of Aquionics Inc., and he held a number of executive engineering and research positions at Wedeco in England, France, New Zealand and Germany. Oliver holds two engineering degrees from Manchester University in the United Kingdom, has been widely published on UV topics, named in various global patents and is considered one of the thought leaders in the practical application of UV-LED’s for water treatment. In addition to his long career in UV, he is an avid motorcyclist and collector of motorcycles, as well as a dedicated husband and father. With Oliver’s forward-looking vision, I am excited to continue working with all of our members to serve the IUVA. Please congratulate Oliver, and also welcome our new board members, Roberta Hofman-Caris, Richard Joshi, Paul Ropic and Dr. Eva Nieminski.

We also have new chairmanship of the technical committee, Dr. Shen Chengyue, who will lead the committee to continue its excellent work. I would like to recognize co-chairs Dr. Linda Gowman and Bryan Townsend, who have taken on a number of challenging issues during their term. Some of these have included the review and comment on the Ten States Standards, which provides guidance to many states for implementing UV for wastewater disinfection, comments on the NWRI 2012 Guidelines and comments on the requirements for Ballast Water Treatment as regulated by the US Coast Guard. The committee initiated efforts on its highest, ongoing priority to address the issues in the draft EPA document, “Innovative Approaches for Validation of Ultraviolet Disinfection Reactors for Drinking Water Systems,” before its release.

While we have a change in organizational leadership, it is important to recognize there are many members that have been active in helping the IUVA meet its mission to advance the science of UV. It is the membership that allows the IUVA to advance important issues in our field. With that in mind, I look forward to seeing you all participate at our next upcoming events. Looking ahead, IUVA is planning for a workshop in Singapore on Nov. 6, 2017, and the America’s Conference will be held in Redondo Beach, California, in February 2018. A UV LED conference will take place in Berlin, Germany, in May 2018. These and other IUVA events continue to be opportunities for technical exchange, education and networking. There are always scientific issues and regulatory challenges, and our organization is critically important for providing an opportunity to address issues that potentially will have significant impact on the application of UV.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve the IUVA, and I’ll look forward to seeing everyone in California in February, where we look forward to a strong technical program at yet another beautiful location!

Kati Bell, IUVA president
Water Reuse Practice Leader at MWH Global
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