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Advancing the sciences, engineering & Applications of ultraviolet technologies to enhance the quality of life & protect the environment.

Speaker Bureau

IUVA has established a Speakers Bureau, which provides speakers for various occasions and events who are capable of speaking about issues and topics concerning the Ultraviolet Industry. See below the names of speakers who are available, and click on their names or photos to see their profiles.

For information about exploring the possibility of having one of the members of the Speakers Bureau speak at your event, contact the IUVA Executive Director Deb Martinez – deb.martinez@iuva.org.

Speaker's Photo Speaker's Name Presentation Topics Speaker's Biography

Kati Y. Bell
  • Water/wastewater process
  • Waste/wastewater operations
  • Regulatory considerations for wastewater (not water)
  • Integrated planning and reuse
  • Research areas including water quality characterization related to optimization of UV disinfection of water/wastewater
Dr. Bell is a Principal with CDM and her primary experience includes working with clients, regulators, subcontractors and manufacturers to select, design, implement, optimize and troubleshoot water/wastewater treatment processes to identify effective, efficient, sustainable solutions. Her...

James R. Bolton
Dr. James Bolton has a BA (Chemistry) and MA (Physical Chemistry) from the University of Saskatchewan and a Ph.D. (Physical Chemistry) from the University of Cambridge. He recently retired as Executive Director (and Editor of IUVA News) of the International Ultraviolet Association; he is President...

Joel Ducoste
  • Modeling of UV Reactors
  • Hydraulic configurations and their impact of UV Reactor performance
  • Experimental measurements of hydraulics prior to entry of UV reactors
Dr. Ducoste is a Professor in the Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering Department at North Carolina State University. He has over 15 years of modeling experience in a number of environmental and engineering applications. He has research experience in the operation and design of...

Bertrand W. Dussert
  • UV disinfection technologies for municipal, industrial, and residential/commercial water treatment
  • Advanced Oxidation Technologies (AOTs) for water treatment
  • Selection of a UV disinfection system for water treatment
  • Disinfection technologies for water and wastewater treatment
  • The UV industry marketplace: market segments, suppliers, market drivers and restraints, technology trends and differentiation
Dr. Bertrand Dussert is the founder and president of Dussert Consulting, LLC, a company offering consulting services in the water treatment arena. He is an adjunct professor of wastewater treatment for the masters of environmental studies program in the Department of Earth & Environmental...
Peter E Gordon
  • UV-C applied to reducing the incidents of Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI)
Peter brings over 15 years of semiconductor, photonic, biomedical industry experience in new product introduction, product line management, and business development to the germicidal ultraviolet light industry. 

He started his career in application engineering, product marketing, and OEM sales...

Phyllis B. Posy
  • UV Disinfection: Can it Make a difference for the Environment?
  • Holding a Light Beam in Your Hand: Measuring UV Disinfection
  • Disinfecting Viruses with UV: They Said It Couldn't be Done
  • UV and Food Safety: A Good Match?
  • UV and Validation: How can you tell if it is really working?
  • Water Safety Auditing: Can You Take Your Water for Granted?
  • Many Wavelengths, Many Impacts: the Story behind Medium Pressure UV
Phyllis Butler Posy, an IUVA Board member since 2006, heads strategic services and regulatory affairs at Atlantium Technologies, an innovative UV company that applies fiber optic principles to water disinfection. In that role, she has been working to expand opportunities for UV disinfection. With a...

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