UV-C LED Technology Discussed by Industry Leaders

UV-C LED technology is poised to take over the UV applications market. UV-C LEDs have distinct advantages over conventionally powered mercury-based lamps that are driving the UV applications market today.  One of the main advantages is the lower energy usage of LED powered devices.  The United Nations is phasing out the use of mercury over the next 30 years, so UV-C LED technology will be concurrent with this initiative, because the LED technology does not utilize mercury. 

Oliver Lawal, President of Aquionics and board member of the IUVA is hosting a Webinar on April 2, 2014, from 10:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. EDT to discuss this topic.  Lawal has headed up the development of UV-C LED technology for Aquionics. This webinar is titled, “Everything you ever wanted to know about UV-C LEDs but were afraid to ask” and is sponsored by the International Ultraviolet Association (IUVA). Industry leaders in UV applications development will be guests on the Webinar and many of the members of the IUVA will be participating.  Multiple aspects of UV-C LEDs will be discussed. 

“UV-C LEDs are a fundamentally different way to generate UV-C light,” says Lawal. “UV-C LEDs are mercury-free, have the ability to instantly reach 100% intensity when turned on, and their lifetime is not dependent on the number of on-off cycles.  Furthermore, we are on the cusp of remarkable performance and cost improvements,” he added.

For those who want to know more about the technology, the Webinar will provide some critical information.  Key industry experts will speak about the basics of UV-C LEDs and the materials and manufacturing techniques. There will be a comparison between UV-C LEDs and conventional UV-C light sources, design aspects will be explained and there will be an overview of future applications for large-scale disinfection of surface, water and air. 

Lawal will give a general market overview for UV-C LEDs.  He has been working on UV-C LED products at Aquionics “specifically aimed at the Water/Wastewater market” since 2010.  Lawals says, “Aquionics were the first and are still the only company to launch UV-C LED products specifically geared towards UV water and wastewater disinfection.”  Aquionics’ UV Pearl will be highlighted.  Lawal will also discuss surface and air treatment products, including Thor Labs High Power UV Curing LED System, Air Motion Systems UV LED Curing and Phoseon Technology UV LEDs for Printing, Coatings and Adhesives.  In addition - water measurement products will be showcased such as the PearlSenseT.

Lawal says the potential impact of UV-C LED technology is huge.  The IUVA has been on the leading edge of providing education and support for the breakthrough technology.

Registration for the Webinar is open to members of the IUVA ($65) and non-members ($95). 

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