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Task Force on Technology and Research of Air and Surface Treatment (TRAST)


This proposed IUVA Task Force (TF) is an evolution from the COVID-19 TF with focus on technology and research of air and surface disinfection using UV-C technologies. The COVID-19 TF was initiated in April 2020 in responding to rapid demand of UV-C knowledge and its applications at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Over last 20 months, significant accomplishments were achieved with numerous white papers, webinars and spin-offs of new task forces. A group of more than 20 active members have been participating in regular conference calls and various activities, making a great impact on the UV community and public in general. The consensus of the group is to leverage the unique composition of this group, including academic, industry and non-for-profit thought leaders, and evolve the mission of TF to focus on filling gaps and fulfilling needs related to UV-C technology adoption for air and surface treatment across industries and end-user groups. The proposed TF will continue promoting information sharing, including pre-published research results and open discussions in a safe environment with inclusive participation from all geographies internationally, and active cooperation with relevant IUVA task forces. A list of priority challenges associated with implementing UV-C air and surface disinfection have been identified:

  1. Lack of recognized validation protocols for testing UV-C devices, including safety and efficacy validation of existing and emerging UV technologies and broad applications
  2. Lack of disinfection objectives (i.e., how clean it needs to be), as well as testing methods and standards for air and surface disinfection under various scenarios beyond healthcare.
  3. Lack of risk-based log reduction target for UV-C inactivation for air and surface disinfection, including emerging microorganisms and those associated with non-healthcare activities such as animal health, plant health, food and manufacturing.
  4. Lack of common agreement of disinfection targets and germicidal UV susceptibility beyond SARS-CoV-2, i.e., surface and air-born pathogenic organisms, and their associated test surrogates.
  5. Lack of information on considerations and best practice around designing robust surface and air UV-C disinfection technologies.
  6. Lack of references and guidance for full-scale UV-C surface and air installations with successful case studies, including infection bioaerosol dynamics principles, structural and ventilation considerations, CapEx and OpEx, and system long-term monitoring and performance information.


The objectives of this TF are to overcome these challenges by enabling new research in the relevant area to build confidence and references for regulations and standards, by publishing scientific white papers to communicate best available science, technology and research information, by collaborating with other IUVA TFs, such as HAI and Education to enhance IUVA’s impact on UV technology adoption.

Ted Mao, PhD

MW Technologies Inc.
Task Force Co-chair

Carolina Koutras, PhD

Mindelio Inc. and R-Zero Systems
Task Force Co-chair

Zhe Sun, PhD
Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Task Force Co-chair

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