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Advancing the sciences, engineering & applications of ultraviolet technologies to enhance the quality of human life & to protect the environment.

Healthcare/HAI Working Group

Mission Statement:

In keeping with its mission to “… make the use of Ultraviolet Technology, a leading technology for public health and environmental applications…,” the International Ultraviolet Association (IUVA) has recognized that the acceptance of GUVI technologies could benefit from having nationally recognized efficacy or methods performance standards, thereby increasing the credibility of GUVI in the Healthcare industry.

In response, IUVA formed a Healthcare/GUVI Working Group, and now a new Task Force to specifically address development of industry-wide, consensus-based efficacy standards for GUVI antimicrobial devices used to attack HAI, MDRO and other significant pathogens impacting the Healthcare sector.

The end goal is to garner industry-wide recognition, implementation and management of nationally recognized standards for GUVI devices used in healthcare facilities, leading to the wide spread adoption of these devices and more effective use of GUVI technologies in the disinfecting protocols used across the healthcare sector.

That, through the efforts of the IUVA Healthcare/GUVI Task Force (H/GUVI TF), the use of GUVI disinfecting technologies will become widely accepted as a credible and valued part of the environmental management and facility cleaning protocols across the Healthcare industry.

The H/GUVI TF will use its specific knowledge and experience to provide global guidance and coordinate industry-wide programs and deliverables, in furtherance of this Vision and the IUVA’s outreach to the healthcare industry, both nationally and internationally.

Meeting Details:


Troy Cowan, Task Force Leader
Vision Based Consulting

Dr. Rick Martinello, Chair
Yale University


ISO-TC142/WG2 Standards Coordination:

IUVA is an Affiliated Organization to ISO/TC142, covering “Cleaning equipment for air and other gases” and the Working Group #2 on UV-C Technology. Working through the Committee Manager for TC142, Ms. Anna Martino, and the Convener for WG2, Mr. Yongheng Huang, we have the opportunity to input into any and all ISO related products being reviewed within TC142, such as ISO 15858-2016 “UV-C Devices Safety Information”(A listing of TC142’s Standards can be found here). Contact Troy Cowan at troy.cowan@iuva.org for more information.

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Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) - Testing Procedures Committee:

The IES and IUVA have signed an MOU to assemble experts in the measurement of UV-C emissions to develop American National Standards (ANSI) for the measurement and characterization of UV-C device performance. Through this MOU, two standards have been published: LM-92-2022 (measurement of UV-LEDs) and LM-93-2022 (measurement of excimer lamps). Three additional documents are under development: measurement of low-pressure mercury tubes, measurement of radiant intensity for a UV-C device that is meant to plug into the branch circuit, and a technical memorandum on UV-C radiometer characterization and use.  Contact C. Cameron Miller at c.miller@nist.gov for more information.

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