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Off-grid UV-LED Water Disinfection – Surface Water Case Study

Babak Adeli, Acuva Technologies Inc.
Authors: B. Adeli and A. Babaie

Removal of Industrial Azo Dye Ponceau 4R From Surface Waters Using Several Solar UV-Mediated AOP

Diego H. Quiñones-Murillo, Universidad del Atlántico
Authors: Diego H. Quiñones-Murillo, Angélica A. Ariza-Reyes, Luis J. Ardila-Vélez

The effect of nitrate, bicarbonate and bromide on the degradation of taste and odor compounds and by-product formation in VUV involved ozone/UV combined process

Jiangyong Hu, National University of Singapore
Authors: Lu Xing, Say Leong Ong, Jiangyong Hu

Inactivation of bioaerosols using vacuum UV light

Junbeom Jang, Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology
Authors: Junbeom Jang, Jeonghyun Kim, Jaesung Jang

LP vs. MP - not only DNA damage

Hadas Mamane, Tel Aviv University
Authors: Yifaat Betzalel, Vered Cohen Yaniv, Hadas Mamane, Yoram gerchman

Differences between UV-irradiation and total solar spectrum irradiation on the SPF in vitro

Nicole Braun, DermaTronnier, Experimental Institute of Dermatology
Authors: Braun N., Garbe B., Werner M., Theek C. Tronnier H., Heinrich U.

Disinfection of Paramoeba perurans with UV irradiation and chlorination – dose response testing

Semir Loncarevic, Norwegian Veterinary Institute
Authors: Loncarevic, S.; Hytterød S.; Wennberg A.C.; Delacroix, S.

Performance evaluation of Controlled-Pulsed Illuminated UV-LED photoreactors for decomposition of pharmaceutical pollutants

Mohammad Reza Eskandarian, University of Zanjan
Authors: Mohammad Reza Eskandarian, University of Zanjan, Iran/ Farzaneh Nasiri, Department of Pharmaceutics, School of Pharmacy, Zanjan University of Medical Sciences, Zanjan, Iran

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